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Bespoke Sugar Flowers, Classes and Demonstrations

A white wedding cake with red roses and cherry blossoms made from sugar with sugar jasmine winding around a brass hoop.

Introducing Lou Wood...

With a joyful smile that matches the graceful petals she crafts, Lou effortlessly blends her talent as both a specialist sugar flower artist and a dedicated teacher. She is a Cake International Gold Award winner with over 30 years experience creating stunning displays for clients across the UK. From small celebration displays, to concept pieces for private clients.


My story

It all began nearly 40 years ago when I made a christening cake for my niece.  From there it just blossomed. I simply love making sugar flowers.  I joined the local branch of the Sugarcraft Guild in Tewkesbury and for many years I made all the usual children’s birthday cakes and family celebration cakes that many of us all make. It wasn’t until the boys were much older and I had time, that I spent more time specialising in sugar flowers. I traveled to London, to my now special friend Robert Haynes, the king of sugar floristry, to learn how to make my first real sugar rose. then I was hooked.   Now I make flowers of all varieties as well as teaching classes and offering demonstrations myself.

I love my garden

My passion for real and sugar flowers overflows into my life every day. I like to be surrounded by flowers wherever I am. They give me peace in a troubled world. They smell delicate and soft, often carrying with them birdsong and serenity. No matter if it’s a garden, a florist shop, heather on a windy hill top, grasses blowing by the sea, or flaming orange lilies in the warmth of the sun in a courtyard pot, they are my happy place. I am a keen gardener and member of the RHS. I love to grow David Austin roses here in Gloucestershire, along with a plethora of colourful pots full of Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Acers. Now I’m planted up ready for spring bulbs. It’ll be tulips in the spring with pastel colours popping through for a change all ready for my early classes and commissions. I take the greatest of pleasure seeing the seasons ebb and flow with trees and flowers coming into bloom, waking from winter, then sitting peacefully, recreating them in sugar as I look out from my studio over our lovely garden.