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I absolutely love collaborating with other talented bakers to ensure that my customers receive not only the most delicious cake but also a stunning floral display. While I personally don't bake cakes myself - leaving that to the experts – I take great pride in working closely with bakers who I know will bring my clients' cake dreams to life. One such incredible baker is my dear friend Shani Wills from Hampton Cakes. Shani's ability to interpret and understand flowers is unparalleled, and her skill in cake design is truly remarkable. Together, we form the perfect team when it comes to creating a cake adorned with exquisite flowers for a very special wedding. Recently, I had the immense pleasure of crafting the breathtaking flowers for a truly magnificent cake. I am also part of the talented team led by Pia Cato at the Vanilla Pod Bakery in Cheltenham. As one of their Sugar Flower Makers, I take great pride in using my skills to bring to life some of their beautiful wedding cake designs too.

Sugar wisteria branch with two white racemes and four leaf bracts arching over the top of a small white cake on top of a larger square gold cake underneath.


 Wisteria Wedding

This one began with a commission for flowers, just flowers, but we also needed a wedding cake. As you all know, I don’t make cakes, so I called in the cake expert  Shani from Hampton Cakes and we worked together along with the bride and groom and their family to design the perfect dream wedding cake. Using Shani’s artistic design skills and my floral creation skills we worked together on this wonderful project. Every minute of creating these magnificent flowers was sheer delight. On the wedding day we worked together setting up the cake and dressing it with the flowers until every aspect was perfect. A unique cake for a unique day and two truly unique young people. Thank you so much E&O


Carribbean Flowers

This was another one of the fabulous projects commissioned by Nada at The Little London Bakery, but this time, with a very colourful difference. I needed to make flowers with a Carribbean theme, vibrant and colourful. They are displayed here on their dummy cake before leaving my studio ready for Nada to arrange, see her completed design on Instagram here.

tropical sugar flowers showing blue orchid, vibrant orange and yellow hibiscus, white and yellow frangipani flowers and a bird of paradise flower all backed with two palm fronds.  All made from sugar.
A cascade of open roses, peonies, cherry blossoms, hydrangeas and leaves.  All made from sugar.  The colour scheme is pale pinks and delicate dusky tones with spring green leaves and yellow cnetres, all cascading over a delicate barely pink buttercream cake.


English garden...

Another commission for Nada at The Little London Bakery. This one was really special, totally everything I love about making sugar flowers. Delicate shades of pink and gorgeous English roses, hydrangeas and cherry blossom formed the basis of this arrangement. See here how Nada curated them onto a stunning three tiered cake.


Magnolias & Jasmine

Beautiful magnolias adorned this cake and jasmine wound its way around another for Pia at the  Vanilla Pod Bakery in Cheltenham. These images were taken by Nikki Kirk and kindly given to me by Pia, when I was  invited to take part in a product shoot at the bakery.   Thank you Pia and Nikki!  

Lou Wood arranging magnolias on a white two tier wedding cake
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