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Do you run a group or society and are looking for engaging and educational activities? If so, why not consider hosting an on site sugarcraft demonstration by Lou Wood Sugar Flowers? With years of experience and expertise in creating stunning floral designs, I can showcase the step-by-step process of making any sugar flower featured on this website, and even take custom requests.  I am a British Sugarcraft Guild Accredited demonstrator and am grateful to the guild for all their support, particularly when furthering my career in becoming the first demonstrator to achieve full accreditation via digital assessment during Covid.  See how sugar flowers are made in one of my on site demonstrations.  Whether you are a small group or a large company looking for an interesting and educational view into the skills of the sugar flower maker.  Demonstrations can last up to 2 hours, covering the stages of flower and foliage construction, colouring and arrangement into a final piece.  


Please don't hesitate to contact me for an informal chat if you think you might like me to come along and demonstrate for you.  Or book here and use the NOTES section to tell me what you would like demonstrated and I will contact you quickly for a chat.   Or Call/msg me on 07983630495 or go to the Contact tab on the website to request a call back.   Discount for BSG  members. See accredited list. 

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